Christ Kingdom Fellowship

Christ Kingdom Fellowship Church was founded in September 2002. Founding pastor, Fred Houser, had a vision to start a ministry and see it grow.
Sunday, September 29, 2002 the first morning worship service was held at the Pueblo Inn, located at 350 S. Freeway. The service was attended by around 15 visitors, many of which later became members. In February 2003, services were moved to the former Mt. Zion Baptist Church at 245 W. Speedway.
The small but powerful ministry continued going strong and on Sept. 7, 2003, Pastor Houser preached his last sermon at the church before relocating with his family to Tennessee. Afterwards, Minister Lamar Keaton took over as Pastor.
In January of 2004, the church began to lease the sanctuary at Sharon Seventh Day Adventist Church located at 955 N. 10th Ave. While there a transition was made during the months of April and May of 2004. Pastor Keaton decided to step down, and the vision continued under the steady leadership of Pastor Merle Gathers. Pastor Gathers had a vision for Christ Kingdom Fellowship to have its own church home and, along with the congregation, worked hard to bring it into fruition.
Upon much deliberation, the church decided to relocate once again to the House of Neighborly Services at 243 W. 33rd St. in 2010, as a cost saving measure to save for a church home.
By the divine will of God, in 2009, Ms. Mildred Ellis contacted Mrs. Gathers about an organ. The organ was coming from a church located on A Mountain named Mt. Sinai.
Mt. Sinai had been lead by Rev. Newton who served for 26 years during which time Rev. George Barnes received his ordination. In Oct. 1981, Rev. Newton became Pastor Emeritus and Rev. Ben Ellis, Jr. was elected Pastor with Mrs. Mildred Ellis at his side. Some might have called it coincidence, but this could only be the will of God: Mt. Sinai needed a pastor and Christ Kingdom Fellowship needed a church home.
Rev. Merle H. Gathers, became Pastor of the combined membership of Mount Sinai and Christ Kingdom Fellowship Church.
In 2011, Christ Kingdom Fellowship at Mt Sinai was established at 1724 W. San Marcos. The building of the church was a labor of love. Church members and volunteers worked diligently, labored with their own bare hands to bring down construction costs.
Finally, on August 14, 2011, the first services were held at the newly renovated Christ Kingdom Fellowship Church at Mt. Sinai. The first song sung in the new building inspired the church’s motto, “We’ve come this far by Faith”

Place Of Heaven

The entrance to Heaven starts in your heart. The Bible will guide you along the journey.

Study Bible

Come join us as we gather for Bible study every Thursday at 6:30 PM to deeply discus the Bible and today’s life.

“Pray! And listen to God! You can do this alone, but find somebody to do it with you”


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